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June 27, 2017

Dear Pool Members,

The Board of Directors’ wanted to let you know that we’ve had a great start to our 2017 season!  We send a special thanks to pool manager Kim Nava and her staff for their hard work preparing the pool for opening and for their work to ensure the safety of all members as the summer season begins. Here are some highlights from the beginning of this summer season: 

    * We’ve had many compliments on the new pool tile which was installed over the fall and winter. 

    * The new pool management software, that was also purchased this winter, is helping to better track our operation. Both board members and pool staff have seen the benefits of this technology; however, we have experienced some glitches as we kicked off the season.  We appreciate your patience as we work through the problems and get this system running smoothly. Our check in system works best with photos, so staff has a visual ID of you and your family members. If you have not supplied your family’s photo(s) please email either a family photo or individual photos to (identify individual photos please).  If you’d prefer, you can be photographed at the desk the next time you visit the pool. Photos are also an important part of our safety protocol.  Thank you for your help as we complete this process! 

    * Crab Feast 2017 was a success! There were 57 attendees who enjoyed 6 bushels of crabs and a nice evening at the pool. Christine Wassmann and Kourtni Chairs planned and organized the event for our adult membership and their guests.  Thank you ladies! It really was a lovely evening! 

    * Freedom Dolphins have their first home swim meet, Saturday July 1st.  Please be aware that home meets may impact opening time of the pool for membership.  Home meets are posted on the boards outside the entrance to the pool the week of home meets.  Reminders are also posted on our Facebook page and you can always access the meet schedule on our website at  

    * Finally, we had had some issues with youngsters (middle school aged) leaving excessive garbage around the pool grounds, rough housing in large groups while at the pool and tampering with the soda machines. These incidents have involved a limited number of youngsters, but we ask that everyone review pool rules with your family members and remind 12 and over youngsters about the privilege of & responsibility of using the pool without parental supervision.  

To aid our pool staff in maintaining the pool’s enjoyment and safety for all members, we are instituting a new discipline policy to deal with youngsters who have continual challenges adhering to the pool rules. This policy is in effect immediately to make sure that the safety of all members can be our #1 priority. 

If a youngster is misbehaving at the pool, a guard or pool manager will use the following strategies to redirect the behavior:

Warning one – verbal warning

Warning two- Youngster will have to sit out of the pool for 15 minutes. If parent is present, youngster may sit with parent for the “time out”. If parent is not at the pool, child will sit under the guard stand for the “time out” or area selected by the pool manager. A guard or the pool manager will talk with the youngster at the end of the time out about this infraction. 

Warning three- Youngster will be dismissed from the pool grounds for the day. Re-entry will be permitted the following day once parent, pool manager and/or board member have consulted about the incident (may be a phone call or a face to face conversation, depending on the severity of the incident).

Warning four- Suspension of pool privileges until meeting with pool manager, parent and board of directors has been completed.  

On behalf of our Board of Directors, thank you for your support and enjoy the pool!


Jennifer Pickwell

Secretary, Freedom Swim Club Board of Directors


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